The cow skull is an icon of the old west that has endured for many decades. Cow skulls have appeared with stars like Tom Mix in cowboy movies since the very beginning. They served as a warning sign of tainted water, or as eerie, silent reminders of the hazards facing our western pioneers. Cow skulls are used as distinctive western, southwestern and Native American decorative elements. Authentic cow skull.  Cow skulls are used in southwestern landscaping.
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Sun bleached steer head cowskull in rock garden

Cowskulls blend well in both Western and Southwestern landscaping projects. A Steer Head placed in a zeroscape rock or cactus garden adds an authentic touch of artistic and decorative sophistication to your desert landscape.

Placing a sun bleached cowskull in your landscaping can also call forth nostalgia of an old west cattle drive and the pioneer spirit of the American West. The cowskull has become a symbolic icon of the struggles, death and dedication of our early pioneers. Cattle and livestock are a huge part of taming the Old West from the Oxen that pulled many a Prairie Schooner across the endless prairies, rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains and the harsh desert of the southwest. Cowskulls make an excellent artistic foundation for nearly any Western or Southwestern motif.

One of the most affordable suppliers of sun bleached cowskulls is located near Albuquerque New Mexico, the heart of the Southwest.

A cowskull displayed as a rustic wall accent and decoration calls forth the spirit of the southwest. Add a cowskull, some cactus, an old wagon wheel, a rustic gate, or an old post with a strand of rusty barbed wire and bring home the feel of the Wild West in authentic western artistic decor.

For an even greater artistic tang try adding acrylic paint, beads, feathers, leather, rope, and colorful stone settings (such as silver and turquoise) and your own creativity to produce breathtaking decorative Old West accents.

Cow skulls can be found in popular works of art by well-known artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Charles Russell, and often used in art by North American Indians.

Steer head cowskull on wall
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